The Five Best Hairdos on St. Louis TV (Just for Men Edition)

mike bush 3.jpg
Mike Bush: The part, the widow's peak, the whole package.
One thing is clear. St. Louis television viewers love Mike Bush's mop. The KSDK (Channel 5) anchor is nearly always the winner of our Reader's Choice award for Best Hair on Local Television Personality. Such was the case again last week when we unveiled our annual Best of St. Louis issue.

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And while it is hard not to be in awe of Bush's hair helmet, we here at Riverfront Times favor a slightly more disheveled look. Here, then, is our list of the five best 'dos currently on local airwaves.

5. Casey Nolen, KSDK reporter

casey nolen.jpg
2011 Winner: A cursory evaluation would likely advance no further than Nolen's receding hairline and thus would completely miss the newsdude's oh-so-tasteful addition of a chinstrap and moustache, which complete the package like the ribbon and bow on a gift from Santa.

4. Mike Roberts, KSDK weatherman

mike roberts tv.jpg
2010 Winner: Mike Roberts makes a living analyzing that which occurs above our heads; what better way to instill trustworthiness in the general public than to assert such awesome control over his own northernmost point?

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Mike Bush's hair is sooo yesterday. He plasters it down with so much crap he could stand outside in a Category 4 Hurricane and nary a hair would get messed up. And as far as bald is beautiful Larry Connors goes, at least you had the heart to not include that most obnoxious bald jackass, Eliot Davis. But since when is baldness a hairdo? But the best hairdo of all belongs to that ready-for-the-cover-o-Vogue, George Sell of KTVI!

Leah Greenbaum
Leah Greenbaum

charles jaco circa gulf war. he's the thinking man's geraldo rivera in fatigues and 'stache


Steve Savard is not on this list, thus it is invalid.

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