[VIDEO] Bill O'Reilly: "These St. Louis Post-Dispatch People are Dumb and Corrupt."

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Bill O'Reilly blasts Post-Dispatch editorial - and proves their point
In an editorial last Wednesday, the Post-Dispatch lamented public distrust of the media (which is now at a record high, according to Gallup).

The daily suggested that both conservative and liberal cable-news hotheads may or may not be totally to blame, but surely don't help the situation.

So what does irascible windbag Bill O'Reilly of Fox News do?

He responds like an angry, conservative cable-news hothead, and perfectly proves their point. 

On Thursday, he told viewers of The O'Reilly Factor that
"the St. Louis Post-Dispatch -- a left-wing newspaper -- blames the [public distrust of the media] on cable news."
Not quite. The PD's point was more nuanced. They pointed out that public confidence in many other institutions -- such as the Supreme Court and Congress -- is eroding. And while left-leaning MSNBC and right-leaning Fox aren't helpful, "the distrust can't all be blamed on them."

But O'Reilly makes it look like the PD's editorial board only called out O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren as the ideologues they are.

They also call out Lawrence O'Donnell, Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz.

O'Reilly conveniently leaves that part out, THEN has the balls to claim that public distrusts the media "because the media is often inaccurate and slanted."

What should they do instead, Bill, to get some semblance of fact-checked information or fair-minded analysis? Watch your show? 

O'Reilly's conclusion:
"These Post-Dispatch people are dumb AND corrupt -- a deadly combination. And the people know it: Circulation for the paper down 35 percent since 2003. Their parent company has filed bankruptcy. So here's The Factor tip of the day: Don't read the St. Louis Post-Dispatch."
It could also be that public distrust in the media is high because Americans are busy with their jobs and families, and trying to sift through B.S. like this is exhausting, and the perpetrators clearly have incentives to lie. So to protect themselves, people shut down and just say, "I don't trust any of it."

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@PDEditorial @tonymess This is what we need. THIS IS STL. (kick ideologues into the well)


Well, the people running the P-D ARE dumb, though basically right about this problem, and certainly not for the reasons that O'Reilly, a buffoon with a personality disorder, believes. The dumb part comes with throwing Rachel Maddow into the mix, I assume for "balance." She's about as far from a "hothead" as a person can get. She also happens to be far more nuanced than the average crappy daily newspaper. She's probably the best, and sanest broadcast journalist in the business.


@tcfrankel Love that his "corrupt" accusation is wholly uncontaminated by evidence.


This is the long game strategy from the Right - accuse media of being biased and not trustworthy, create a Right wing form of the media that is totally biased and free of facts, and that erodes confidence in ANY media.  It's the same way they went after government - tell people they can't trust government and government is inept, then they get in office and prove both those points.  If you can't trust the media or the government, the only thing left are marketing and PR firms that coincidentally are run by the same folks as the Right wing.


@tcfrankel @RiverfrontTimes The P-D softball team shall henceforth be called "The Dumb and Corrupt."


@NP_DailyRFT Yes, we may be dumb, but we're certainly not corrupt.

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