Illinois Man Who Web-Cammed Child Porn to Cops Pleads Guilty

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Last December detectives in Boise, Idaho, began chatting up a guy online about his child-pornography offerings on the Internet.

It soon led them to Fairview Heights, Illinois, and 43-year-old Andrew Gerald Millas.

Yesterday, Millas pleaded guilty in East St. Louis federal court to three counts of producing child porn and one count of transporting it.

Kind of hard for Millas to not plead guilty in this case: At one point in his interaction with the Idaho detectives, he "broadcast a live sex act with a minor to them via a Web camera," according to spokesman James Porter.

The gumshoes out west forwarded the info to Fairview Heights police who went and arrested Millas on December 30.

At his residence, they discovered "voluminous" evidence, including:
14,560 multimedia files, over 900,000 image files, and 21,232 recovered image files depicting screen shots captured by a keystroke logger program. Among the files recovered were movies depicting Millas having sexual relations with a sixteen year old child and other movies which Millas made through surreptitious filming which depicted other minors engaging in sexual conduct.

Millas is scheduled to be sentenced on January 14 at 8 am in East St. Louis federal court.

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