Couple Sues Doctors For Decapitating Their Baby During Labor

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Hey, buddy. How are you? Havin' a bad day?

Well, if so, you may want to mosey on down the internet trail and skip this post. Because this is the worst story we've heard in a really, really, really long time.

Here's what happened to a young St. Louis couple and their unborn baby, according to a lawsuit filed this week.

Twenty-one-year-old Arteisha Betts and 20-year-old Travis Ammonette got pregnant after in-vitro fertilization. During the course of the pregnancy, it became clear that the fetus was developing abnormally. His abdomen grew much faster than it was supposed to and became enlarged.

Betts and Ammonette sought help from Midwest Maternal-Fetal Medicine, a group of obstetricians who specialize in high-risk pregnancies and deliveries. According to the lawsuit, the couple's physician recommended that because of the fetus's oversize abdomen, the best course of action would be a cesarean section birth.

In March of last year, Betts began having pre-term contractions and was admitted to St. John's Mercy Medical Center. Her usual doctor was not available and another physician from Midwest Maternal took over. According to the suit, this doctor insisted that Betts deliver the baby vaginally, while the couple protested that they wanted a C-section and tried to get transferred to another hospital. Finally, Betts consented to the delivery "under duress and protest."

This is when things get crazy.

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