U.S. Deer Collision Map Curiously Similar to Red State, Blue State Divide

deer crossing 8.jpg
Caution: Leaping conclusions ahead.
West Virginia leads the nation in something. And, no, we're not talking about obesity or smoking or party schools. West Virginia is the most likely place in America for motorists to crash into deer! 

According to State Farm insurance claims and statistics from the Federal Highway Administration, drivers in the Mountain State have a 1 in 40 chance of mowing down Bambi this year.

And as fascinating as that is, what's perhaps most interesting is how closely the map of the states with the greatest likelihood of deer-vehicle collisions resembles the nation's political divide.


Below are the red and blue state results from the 2008 election.

2008 presidential election.jpg

And here is the map indicating states with the greatest odds for deer-vehicle collisions:

deer collisions.jpg
No, it's not perfect, mind you. But delete the liberal states of the Upper Midwest from those with good odds for deer-vehicle accidents and add to that list Texas, Alaska, Arizona and Louisiana and -- bingo! -- you got yourself a pretty close representation of how the Democratic/Republican vote shook out in 2008.

But which party (based on deer collisions) is trending upward, allowing them to win the White House this year? For that we turn to the numbers.

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Brad Hicks
Brad Hicks

To the extent that it's true, what you're seeing is the urban/rural divide. Republicans don't even bother running candidates in most large cities or even inner-ring suburbs, because their base is 100% against the idea of people living in towns of over a couple of thousand.

Anne Armbruster Swigert
Anne Armbruster Swigert

I don't know about that, but, thanks to the presidential election, the words like "snarky" and "malarky" have been revived! :^)

Jimmy Christodoulou
Jimmy Christodoulou

"No, it's not perfect, mind you." Yeah. Only 20 states out of the 50 don't fit the model. But, hey, what's a 40% miss rate?

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