Dog-Torturer Darick Stallworth Sentenced to Four Years Behind Bars

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This dog was tortured and killed by Darick Stallworth
Stray Rescue director Randy Grim just posted the following on Facebook:
It is an emotional, landmark day, and justice has been served. Judge Margaret Neill sentenced the animal abuser Darick Stallworth to four years for three counts of animal abuse to be served concurrently and 15 days for two animal neglect counts to be served concurrently. We will continue to stand united and not tolerate animal abuse! Thank you all for your continued support! Big day!

The hearing was "standing room only," according to a tweet by Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce.

Grim had warned supporters not to cause a ruckus in the courtroom this morning, no matter what the outcome.

See our coverage from when this absolutely horrible story broke last May.

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