Headed to the East Side for Halloween Revelry? Don't Take I-64. It'll Be Closed.

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Better take I-44 across the PSB for this kind of trick-or-treating
For those of you Halloweenies who enjoy when people take off their costumes more than when they put them on, know this:

You can't get to the East Side tonight via I-64 (a.k.a. "Highway 40.")

It'll be closed between Jefferson Avenue and the Poplar Street Bridge from 8 pm Wednesday until 5:30 am Thursday, sayeth the Missouri Department of Transportation.

What they're doing is removing that concrete barrier in the downtown section of 40, which causes such a tight squeeze, it's almost impossible to text while driving. So this work is necessary.

If you really want your IL-side tricks and treats, you should head all the way down Jefferson Avenue and head east on I-44, merge onto I-55 then hop onto the Poplar Street Bridge and cross the river that way.

Here's all the deets from MoDOT.

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