Man Robs His Own Sister, Then Gets Chased by Cops as Bullets Fly

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According to police, a twenty-year-old black female in the Visitation Park neighborhood was in her bedroom last night, "counting several thousand dollars" -- as one does, apparently, at 12:30 a.m. 

Her brother and two associates knocked on the bedroom door. When she let them in, her brother pulled out a handgun, demanded all her money. Sibling rivalry robbery. 

The brother and his two friends -- ages 20, 21 and 17, respectively -- grabbed the money, left the building and sped off in a Ford pickup truck. 

But lo, officers soon spotted the truck several blocks east, at Enright and Auber. 

The truck tried to outrun the police, and during the chase that followed, cops were shot at twice by those inside the truck. 

The truck stopped in the 4900 block of Euclid and all three men scrambled, but cops caught the brother of the victim. He was arrested. When we get a name, we'll update this post. Investigation, as always, is ongoing. 

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