Missouri's Prop. B Is About Tobacco Taxes, Though You'd Never Know From Billboards

prop b ad.jpg
Updated Nov. 5 with controversial radio ad from No MO Tax.

It's clear from the billboards sprouting up around Missouri that Proposition B is about raising taxes. But what exactly is the 760 percent tax increase that the "Vote No on Prop. B" signs warn you about?

Unless you're really into politics you'd never know. And that is somewhat by design.

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"The fact of the matter is you have limited space on a billboard to get your message across," explains Ronald Leone, treasurer of a PAC funded by the Missouri Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association (MPMCSA) that is paying for the advertisements. "The goal of the billboards is to start guiding voters toward the path of opposition. Then they can then go online [] or pickup a flier at a convenience store for more information."

And there -- in the fine print -- of those fliers (below) is what Proposition B is all about.

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