Republican State House Candidate Called Out for Support of Marijuana Legalization [UPDATE]

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Mitch Richards campaign
Is this the face of reefer madness?
Update: We just heard back from Chairman of the Boone County Republican Central Committee C. Bruce Cornett.

Meet Mitch Richards. He's the crazy young Republican candidate for the 47th House District in Columbia. He's pro-gun, he's pro-life, he thinks big government should butt out.

But he also has a slightly more surprising affiliation, one that retired Post-Dispatch columnist Jerry Berger says the Boone County Republicans just discovered.

"Official state paperwork shows that on June 14, 2011, Richards created a political committee called Show-Me Cannabis Regulation," Berger writes on his blog. "The group's website calls it 'an association of organizations and individuals who believe that cannabis prohibition is a failed policy.'"

Here's how Berger characterizes Richards's candidacy:

Missouri Republicans have learned their latest replacement nominee in House District 47 set up a political committee last year promoting the legalization of marijuana. Mitch Richards of Columbia was picked to run for the newly drawn legislative seat by a handful of Boone County Republican officials. The GOP was desperate because its first candidate suddenly quit the race. Two replacement nominees also bailed out. Richards, who arrived in Columbia from Montana about four years ago, became the fourth pick, apparently without a background check.

Berger also did a follow-up post about the issue, quoting some of the feedback he got on his initial post:

Some commenters insisted local Republican leaders knew about Richards' pro-pot background before he became their fourth choice to fill a vacancy for the House nomination in the new district. But another commenter stated: "State Republican leaders are making frantic calls today. They were unaware of any of Mitch Richards' pro-marijuana activities."

It's true -- Richards was the founding treasurer of Show-Me Cannabis. But was it really something he was keeping a secret?

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As an original and founding board member for Show-Me Cannabis Regulation, I can truthfully state that Mitch Richards was not the Treasurer or "founding" board member.  It amazes me how simple truths that can so easily be obtained can get misconstrued by a journalist... and for what reason?  Is the Republican Party wanting to state publicly that they are now in opposition to the will of the majority of Missourians who are in favor of cannabis legalization?  Mitch is as yet untainted by Missouri backroom politics.  He's listening to the people.  For that, he should be applauded and warmly welcomed by the Republican Party.  Truth be known, he’s too good for you.    I have known Mitch for several years.  His involvement in cannabis reform is perhaps the number one reason that I respect him as much as I do.  He's intelligent, he listens and he possesses something sorely lacking in Jefferson City - integrity.




Marijuana prohibition is a failed public policy. Mr. Richards has been a strong and principled advocate of ending this prohibition and curtailing the systemic violation of American rights that results from the enforcement of this prohibition


Columbia residents understand this reality. Consider this marijuana SWAT raid from two years ago:


No one deserves a night-time, military home invasion where family members (yes, I include dogs) are shot in front of children. Especially not for marijuana. This enforcement destroys communities and shatters trust in law enforcement.


Mr. Richard's principled stand is one based on understanding and civic engagement. This is leadership we desperately need in American government today,


Wait, there seems to be a disconnect.

RFT called the Boone County Republican chairman. But Jerry Berger was writing about the STATE Republican Party. Here is what Berger wrote: "Missouri Republicans have learned their latest replacement nominee in House District 47 set up a political committee last year promoting the legalization of marijuana." MISSOURI Republicans. NOT Boone County Republicans.

It does sound like the Boone County Repubs were a bit pressed to find a candidate quickly since the previous three candidates dropped out.

The Missouri Republican Party and the House Republican Campaign Committee should be the next numbers dialed by the intrepid RFT reporter.


gateway goons, rent-A-Christians, agents of Luficer,pot Nazis, killjoys, cannabigots,liars,thieves,...all stand in the way of God's medicine.. NICER 2012 - Iowa is so nice we still jail non-violent adults for in Iowa we still jail non-violent adults for a substance safer than 1000's of legal drugs that may kill you instantly or slowly? Because of the reefersad agents of Lucifer running the statehouse, chance of law reform are slim......but the truth will set you free if you are on the fence, who knows, it just may save your life one day...

KittyLitterKing topcommenter

Huh.  A professed Republican who is anti-federal regulation.  And intellectually consistent on the position?  What's next?  A pro-life Democrat?

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