Schwagstock's Jimmy Tebeau Gets 30-Month Sentence for "Drug-Involved Premises"

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Tebeau playin' in the band -- The Schwag
A federal judge in Cape Girardeau sentenced St. Louis-based concert promoter James Tebeau to 30 months in prison yesterday for the crime of "maintaining a drug-involved premises" on his 350-acre farm in rural Shannon County.

Law-enforcement officials closed down the farm -- known as Camp Zoe and home to Tebeau's "Schwagstock" music festivals -- in the fall of 2010 on charges that the venue served as an illegal drug bazaar where people openly sold marijuana, cocaine, LSD, psychedelic mushrooms, ecstasy and various other banned substances such as moonshine and hash brownies.

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Tebeau, the frontman in the Grateful Dead cover band the Schwag, has never been charged with dealing any drugs, though he has admitted to knowing of the drug sales on his property and instructing his security team to eject anyone selling crack, meth, heroin or nitrous oxide on the property.

Tebeau pleaded guilty in June to the "drug-involved premises" charge on the condition that he would immediately appeal the way prosecutors used the statute against him. The law was designed to target crack houses -- not concert venues. United States Attorney Richard Callahan noted that while it was unusual to allow a defendant to appeal as part of a plea agreement, the unique circumstances in this case justified the exception.

In addition to the prison sentence, Tebeau was fined $50,000, and ordered to serve 200 hours of community service. He has also agreed to forfeit his farm to the government.

As RFT Music reported yesterday, the sentencing didn't seem to faze Tebeau too much. He was scheduled to play last night with the Jerry Garcia Band at the Old Rock House.

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this is so wrong, in so many ways. But the good thing is at least he is out now! But where does he have to go? 300 in 50 acresare now gone to the government, how pathetic. This is a huge sad injustice.


I don't think it matters on the point of crack houses vs. concert venues. They have potential to essentially be the same thing - i.e. a place where drug use is epidemic, accepted, not controlled. 


If Jimmy really did expel certain 'illegal substances' but avoided enforcing against other types... well I guess he made is bed in regards to violating the statutes. Whether or not you agree with the statutes would be another issue all together. 


@Your_Momma The way a chemical reacts with the human nervous system varies from chemical to chemical.  Some of those chemicals have a tendency to amplify negative personality traits while others have a tendency to cause a person to evaluate those same negative traits and in some cases, change them...

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