SLU Faculty Give Biondi a No-Confidence Vote

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Biondi: No love for the father.
The faculty council at Saint Louis University's College of Arts & Sciences has overwhelmingly voted to censure the school's president, Father Lawrence Biondi, over plans to alter SLU's tenure system.

The no-confidence vote from the faculty council passed yesterday by a margin of 35 to 2 with one member of the group abstaining.

Last month the faculty council and the faculty senate of the entire university passed no-confidence votes against Manoj Patankar, the university's vice president of academic affairs, after he proposed a plan that faculty say would have abolished tenure and instituted a punitive annual-review process.

Under fire from faculty Patankar withdrew the proposal. Biondi, meanwhile, has publicly defended Patankar and dismissed the no-confidence vote against his vice-president -- thus leading to Thursday's no-confidence vote against Biondi.

It's not the first time Biondi has angered faculty and/or students during his 25-year tenure as president of the Jesuit university. The latest incident occurred in August when the university's law school dean teed off on Biondi in an open letter accusing Biondi of hostility, disrespect and a lack of common decency.

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