St. Louis Flag Flies Flaccidly Hangs Over D.C. City Hall Today

st louis flag dc 1.jpg
Photos courtesy Mayor Francis Slay's office.
"Three Rivers" gets hoised up the ol' flagpole this morning.
It's payday in the nation's capital.

Today Washington D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray is honoring the bet he made with St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay prior to the beginning of the National League Division Series between the Cardinals and the Nationals. According to the wager, the mayor whose team lost would fly the flag of the winning city over city hall.

The Cardinals, of course, came back in dramatic fashion in game No. 5 to win the NLDS. Though as you can see from the photo below, the St. Louis flag is "flying" over D.C. today in much the same fashion* as the Cardinals played the San Francisco Giants in names games 5-7 of the NLCS.

st louis flag dc 2a.jpg
*Which is to say, impotently as hell.

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