Tea Partiers Hold Flash Mob Outside Peabody Energy; Coal Co Kicks Supporters to the Curb

dana loesch
Dana Loesch in her Guy Fawkes mask almost looked like one of the Occupy St. Louis kids just up the street. Her words on the megaphone immediately cleared up any confusion.
If you were downtown yesterday evening, you might've caught red-clad Cardinals fans headed to Busch Stadium, an especially brilliant sunset and maybe a scant group of activists commemorating the one-year anniversary of Occupy St. Louis at Kiener Plaza.

Also hard to miss was a surreal and sizable group of St. Louis' most ardent Tea Partiers, holding signs in support of coal and Todd Akin on the corner of Market and Eighth streets, just outside the Peabody Energy Corporation building.

Gateway Grassroots, a local spinoff of the Tea Party led by Stacy Washington of the blog Move on Up and conservative pundit Dana Loesch, organized an after-work flash mob to protest Claire McCaskill's energy policies in front of the coal corporation that stands to suffer the most from tighter regulation.

Daily RFT caught up with Loesch, who was clad in all black, with studded leather gloves and a Guy Fawkes mask (that she says belonged to Andrew Breitbart), as the demonstration broke up.

"Our whole focus here is that McCaskill's policies on coal are going to hurt energy bills. Missouri is eleventh in the country in terms of energy affordability and that's not going to be the same once all these regulations go into effect," Loesch said of McCaskill's support of utility MACT rules that will require tighter controls for mercury, particulates and acid gases at Missouri power plants. Energy companies say those regulations, which are supported by the Environmental Protection Agency, will drive up utility costs for residents and business owners.

Electricity is dirt cheap in Missouri, largely because 81 percent of the state's energy comes from coal imported from Wyoming. But as coal continues to fall out of vogue with the environmentally conscious set, the industry and its supporters are on the defensive.

Loesch said that while she supports consumers making their own choices about green energy, she "just [doesn't] think the government should be forcing us in that direction."

Peabody Energy, which is headquartered in downtown St. Louis, is the largest private coal merchant in the world. But that doesn't mean they wanted Gateway Grassroots' support.

coal flashmob.JPG
Leah Greenbaum
Flash mob dispersing: "Flipper" the dolphin balloon is supposed to represent McCaskill's mixed record on coal.
According to Arielle Klogsbrun, a community organizer with Missouri Renewable Energy (MORE), a group that she says is trying to "run Peabody out of business," security officers from Peabody told Loesch and friends to move their tea party off their plaza and onto the public sidewalk.

A security guard with the Peabody building said it's against company policy to host political demonstrations on their property. So much for friendship and freedom.

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Stupid is as stupid does, and these people are clearly very stupid.


These people are not tea-party people.  These are religious fundamentalists, pro-war, pro-GOP protesters.  Just people you see a bunch of protestors that are pro-GOP, that doesn't make them tea party.


Tea party got hijacked a long time ago.


I'm sure the writer for this is pro-obama, used to be anti-war but has now shut up considerably since her "golden boy" president has made it possible for him to give orders to assassinate US citizens and continue and expand drone wars in a bunch of countries we haven't declared war on.


Two party system is bringing us down and stupid articles like this only keep political discussions within the left-right paradigm.


 @barefootpirate this flash mob was organized by Gateway Grassroots, a group "founded by St. Louis metro area tea partiers" according to their website: http://gatewaygrassroots.comThe many STL Tea Party t-shirts folks were wearing also seems to suggest that these were people who identified as Tea Partiers. Didn't see any pro-Christ, pro-war swag there though. 


 @lgreenbaum1214 Right, that's kind of the point I'm making.  Anybody can claim to be a tea-partier just like anybody can claim to be in Anonymous.  Like their mission statement:


Our mission is to attract, educate, organize, and mobilize fellow Gateway area citizens to secure a culture consistent with our three core values of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets.


Makes sense to me.  That is consistent with the tea-party message when it first came out.  The tea party didn't start with Palin, Cain, Bachman, Rubio, etc.  It started on libertarian philosophy.  Then all these neo-conservatives who try to cater to the kooky religious type with their emphasis on christian values, prolife, etc. jumped on board and hijaked the message.  Supporting this joker Akin is not "tea-party".  And he's a neo-con.  He voted for NDAA for christ's sake.  His abortion comments!  What libertarian is ever going to vote for him??

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