Someone Still Loves You, Todd Akin

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Remember, no man is a failure who has friends. Also, every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.
You'd think that after "legitimate rape" and "unladylike" (and the fact that the two terms have become so infamous, we don't even have to explain them), plus the new thing about how companies should be "free" to pay women less than men for equal work (watch for "freedom" to join the Akin buzzword list anytime soon!), you'd think Todd Akin wouldn't have a friend left in the world.

Oh, and let's be clear: "friend" here doesn't mean somebody to get a beer with or have a chat with in the barbershop while getting a comb-over. "Friend" means someone who will give you money.

Senator John Cornyn told the Louisville Courier-Journal last week that the Missouri Senatorial race is "unwinnable" for Republicans and he didn't want to be Akin's friend anymore. Lots of people have been saying that, but Cornyn's word means more because he's the chairman of the Republican National Senatorial Committee and the most popular guy on the Republican Senatorial hopeful playground.

But wait! There are still people who want to be Todd Akin's friend! Check this out:

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