Todd Akin's Greatest Hits -- Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You!

Forget Mitt Romney's "binders full of women." The joke will be totally passe by next week. But Todd Akin -- now that is a gift to Democrats that keeps on giving. From his explanation of "legitimate rape" to his complaint that his opponent Claire McCaskill was not sufficiently "ladylike" during their debate to his admission last week that he doesn't see the theory of evolution "as even a matter of science," the Todd-ster has provided an endless stream of ridiculous soundbites. (Well, they won't be as funny if he actually does manage to win the election.)

Now American Bridge 21st Century, a progressive PAC, has decided to commemorate some of Akin's finest moments this election season in the form of a direct mailer to some lucky Missouri voters.

Well, OK, some voters got Lacy Clay talking cards from the Russ Carnahan campaign back in July -- and the tactic wasn't even that novel then -- but how can Clay possibly compare to Akin?

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