[VIDEO] No One is Sadder Than the Saddest Little Cardinal

Saddest Little Cardinal Cy.JPG
No one has ever been sadder in the whole history of the world.
Meet Cy, the Saddest Little Cardinal.

Only a four-year-old could adequately sum up how we were all feeling on Monday night when the Cards decided, mehhh, they were done playing baseball and donated the most important game of the season to the Giants.

"They're not winning! They're not going to the World Series, Dad!" an incredulous Cy says on a YouTube clip that is quickly going viral. "We were supposed to win, not lose."

Yes we were, Cy. Yes we were.

Cy's dad Sam (who asked we not use their last name) says he was getting his son ready for bed in their Springfield home when Cy wandered into the living room and read the box score on the TV.

"He said, 'Dad, that's a seven and we have zero,'" says Sam. "He did not take it this point, the video was after he had calmed down quite a bit. He was pretty hysterical for a while."

Calmer, but clearly still devastated. Cy, we were there with you, buddy:

Apparently Cy had the same reaction when Pujols skipped town, so Sam knew what was coming.

Some people have criticized Sam for exploiting his son's utter devastation, but they should chill out.

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