With Akin Out, Five Wildcard Politicians to Watch in Missouri

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4. Stephen Conway--Hot-Headed 8th Ward Alderman
Alderman Conway is one of the board's most vocal members.

8th Ward Alderman Stephen Conway has the cajones to do what very few politicians will do in Missouri: challenge retired gazillionaire Rex Sinquefield to a mano-a-mano smackdown at City Hall.

"We're being held hostage with his money," a revved-up Conway told his colleagues at a public meeting in 2010. "You're trying to destroy the city of St. Louis. Come out here and tell us you're for us!" He then invited Sinquefield to "come and kick our asses" if he's up for a fight about the city's earning taxes.

You never know what you'll get with Conway. This week he broke an electronic voting machine after becoming frustrated when the screen would not allow him to click back. Ripping his ballot receipt from the machine apparently damaged a memory card.

Next: A lady pol who doesn't mind the occasional Twitter war.

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