With Akin Out, Five Wildcard Politicians to Watch in Missouri

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2. Peter Kinder--Missouri Lieutenant Governor Who Loves Big Hooters
Peter Kinder has learned to bite his tongue--and pull up his pants.

Peter Kinder miraculously won himself a third term this week. His political future looked bleak last year after Daily RFT broke the story about his alleged creepy infatuation with (and sexual harassment of) former stripper and Penthouse Pet Tammy Chapman. He dropped a bid for governor and faced a formidable opponent in Susan Montee (who, apparently, can't hold her liquor very well).

Despite the fallout, the lifelong bachelor just can't help himself. From encouraging people to go to Hooter's for veteran's day to chalking up absurd conspiracy theories of his own, this guy loves putting his foot in his mouth. It's also worth mentioning that Kinder is really into the pro-life, anti-gay "family values thing".

Next: a guy who got on the wrong side of animal abuse laws.

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