With Akin Out, Five Wildcard Politicians to Watch in Missouri

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1. Bill Stoufer--State Senator and Unwitting Puppy-Hater
Stouffer campaign
A love-hate relationship with his canine constituency?

Back in 2010, Missourah held the dubious distinction of being the "Puppy Mill Capital of America". The Show-Me state was home to 30 percent of federally licensed dog breeders in the United States, institutions that often went unchecked. That year, Missouri voters approved a law that forced breeders give their dogs access to food, water, veterinary care, and enough room to turn around in their cages. You know, all the stuff that any decent pet owner would give their animal. Guess who filled a bill to the new state law a month after it passed? State Senator Bill Stouffer, a Republican from Napton.

Stouffer's campaign for Missouri secretary of state (he lost the party's nomination in August to Shane Schoeller) prominently featured his bloodhound, Duke. Duke appeared in most campaign billboards and helped Stouffer out with robo calls.

"Hi this is Senator Bill Stouffer and that's my dog, Duke," Stouffer says at the beginning of the calls, as Duke barks (probably canine for "help me!"). "Whether stopping voter fraud or making it easier to start a business, we ought to do better. Isn't that right, Duke?"

Irony much, Stouffer?

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