Meet Ann Wagner, the Woman Who's Taking Todd Akin's Congressional Seat

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Ann Wagner, one of Missouri's newest Congresswomen.
In all the excitement of Tuesday's election and yesterday's aftermath, a few things got overlooked. Yes, Todd Akin's not going to the Senate, but since House terms last only two years, as of the new year, he's going to join the ranks of the unemployed.

Which leads to another question: Who's going to take his seat on January 3?

The answer is Ann Wagner, former head of the Missouri GOP and ambassador to Luxembourg under George W. Bush. She is pro-life and pro-gun, but anti-legitimate rape. In fact, she publicly chastised Akin for his remarks back in August. Already things are looking up for the second district!

Wagner grew up in Manchester, where her father owned a carpet store, which taught her the value of hard work, blah blah blah. (Does anyone running for office not have family members who worked hard?) She attended Cor Jesu and Mizzou and then worked in management at Hallmark in Kansas City and Purina here in St. Louis. (Her campaign bio doesn't mention if she has pets, though it does discuss her three children.) Her husband Ray was once Missouri director of revenue.

Aside from a nine-year stint as a local committeewoman in Lafayette County, just outside Kansas City, Wagner's involvement in politics has been mostly confined to her party. Aside from chairing the Missouri GOP, she was also co-chair of the national party during the 2004 convention. Part of her job was to convince voters that Republicans actually cared about women.

After she returned home from Luxembourg, Wagner got back to work running Roy Blunt's successful 2010 Senate campaign.

As you might expect, Wagner hews pretty close to the party line. Her victory wasn't much of a surprise, since the second district traditionally goes Republican anyway and she had ten times the funding of her Democratic opponent, Glenn Koenen. Her campaign website contains not one mention of God and no signs that she is a nutjob.

Then again, Todd Akin spent twelve years in Congress before we realized his true potential as a political entertainer how truly crazy he is. Ann Wagner, we'll be watching you.

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Aside from the fact you are a liberal, biased, so called journalist, know that Ann Wagner accomplished more before she was 30 than you ever will! You come across an an angry feminist who cant stand the fact successful many highly successful women are Republicans - women who NOW would never recognize or support.. Being appointed Ambassador is a great honor and not something given to just anyone. GWB respected her and her ability enough that he made the appointment. So, MS Levitt, you sit at your desk eating sour grapes and reading  Gloris Steinman while Ann Wagner goes on to bigger and better things. She will be a fine Congresswoman while you continue to be a 3rd rate reporter.


And to Garrison & Co. your sleaze campaign  on Peter Kinder fizzled! He must be laughing his ass off. Getting re-elected is the best revenge.


If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck - you can be sure you'll find out sooner or later that it's a duck. Wait till she votes NOT to raise the debt limit or to defund Planned Parenthood or follow the TeaPotty crowd in replicating the 4900 votes they took in the last house to demonstrate to their base how mighty they are. Where are the jobs????


Ann Wagner is trying to make abortion illegal for rape victims.


Her criticism of Todd Akin's remarks is meaningless.


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