Another White Castle Targeted, This Time by a Rifle-Wielding Bandit

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First pizza delivery, now belly-bombers? Why is this such an attractive industry for ne'er-do-wells?
For the second time in a week, a St. Louis-area White Castle has been targeted for a stick-up. 

Police tell us that last evening at 12:18 am, a suspect walked into the .

He's described by the cops as a black male, roughly six feet tall and 160 pounds, with a tan hooded coat, blue jeans and black shoes.

He walked into the eatery with his hood over his head and a blue bandana covering the lower part of his face.

He demanded money from the cashier, who gave him some as he pointed a rifle at her. 

Police say he was last seen down the block; KTVI Fox 2 is reporting that the cops brought out the canine unit, which tracked the man to a nearby alley, but lost the trail. They think he might've jumped into a getaway car.

In last week's episode, a pair of bandits came into a White Castle at the other end of Kingshighway, near Devonshire Avenue at 1:30 am Wednesday. They also wore hoods and had their faces covered. One had a pistol. They jumped over the service counter and were able to make off with almost $400.


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