[VIDEO] Cat Goes Baffroom on KSDK Channel 5 Anchor Pat McGonigle

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KSDK anchor Jennifer Blome loses her sh*t as co-anchor gets excreted on
It's incredible to see KSDK-TV (Channel 5) anchor Jennifer Blome laugh so hard on live TV that she cries.

Not as incredible for her poor co-anchor, Pat McGonigle, whose suit may need cleaning (or replacing) after a cat had "an accident" on him. 

This was yesterday morning, at 6:28 a.m., to be exact. (Temperature outside was 38 degrees.)  They were talking about Purina's Pet Debate, wherein people vote on whether the USA is a dog nation or cat nation, or some such bullshit.

(Just kiddin', it's actually a good cause: if you vote, Purina gives $1 to a program that matches up pets with veterans who could benefit from a furry friend.)

So McGonigle has this six-month-old cat named Raven in his arms, who at some point climbs up onto his shoulder.

Blome starts laughing in the middle of a sentence and says, "I think something bad just happened."

McGonigle: "Did he do something on my jacket?"

Blome: "Is that a good suit?" For the rest of the segment, she bobs in and out of hilarity, and by the end produces a tissue to dry her merry eyes.

Daily RFT has not yet determined if the cat went number one or number two. 

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Typical unprofessional behavior by Blome. It's staggering to me that she still has a job. This is just one of many instances of her annoying unprofessional behavior. Also SOMEONE need to tell her that the newscast IS NOT a speed reading course. Just my 2 cents.


Reliable sources report that the cat just farted.

Still hilarious.

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