Cops Break Up Giant Brawl, Fire at Shotgun-Wielding Man

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Is aiming a gun at the cops a good idea? No indeed. Sorry, Omar.
Just after noon on Sunday, city cops responded to the 1300 block of Temple in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood.

What they found was a huge brawl involving thirty people.

One of them had shotgun. 
Officers saw him running and chased after him.

He decided to raise his gun and point it at an officer. the officer "fired several rounds" at the man -- described as a 21-year-old black male -- causing him to give up his weapon and surrender.

Nobody was injured. Investigation is ongoing.

Once again, evidence and logic suggest that pointing your gun at the cops doesn't ever seem to work out.

Within the last month, two different guys have tried it. Just last week, a suspect aimed his piece at the boys in blue and got shot in the foot and arrested. And on October 25, a young man pointed his gun at cops and got shot at several times before surrendering.

These guys have to know it won't end well. So why do they do it? Is it a death wish? Do they want to get shot?

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