[PHOTOS] Euphoria and Overpriced Champagne at the Chase: MO Dems Watch Party

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Leah Greenbaum
Crowd's response at the Chase Park Plaza as CNN called the election for Obama.
Who was the saddest man at the Chase Park Plaza last night? He was tough to find amid a jubilant crowd 500 strong celebrating big Democratic victories at all levels of government, but tucked in a corner behind shrieking college students and a woman sobbing into her cell phone, we found him.

Mark "Julio" Williams, a bartender at the Chase, said it was a good night for tips and a terrible night for the nation.

"I can't believe that there are just so many people in this country who just don't listen," Williams said, shaking his head between filling champagne flutes for revelers. "We are going to hell in a hand basket."

Williams was just about the only sour face last night at the Missouri Democratic watch party, a euphoric who's who of St. Louis politics and the place where Senator Claire McCaskill issued her victory speech.

"They all said, 'It's over. It's done. It's too red, just too red. There is no way that Claire McCaskill can survive," McCaskill said to a packed, cheering room. "You know what happened? You proved them wrong."

mccaskill podium.jpg
Leah Greenbaum
McCaskill vowed to return to the Senate "first as a Missourian".

Somewhere in the back, Romney-Ryan campaign button pinned to the inside of his work vest, Williams let slip a friendly grimace.


Early in the night though, the food was spare, the drinks overpriced, and the odds for McCaskill and Obama uncertain. Wolf Blitzer's monotone did little to soothe an anxious ballroom, even as early returns consistently put Obama ahead. Some found hope in $10 wells drinks, while others gathered around CNN.

Leah Greenbaum
The revolution (?) was tweeted.

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