[PHOTOS] Euphoria and Overpriced Champagne at the Chase: MO Dems Watch Party

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Leah Greenbaum
Joy Sterneck, in red and white Obama shirt, cheer for elections returns from Ohio.
Joy Sterneck stood front row center in the Chase's grand ballroom and gave booming cheers, high-fives and hugs with each blue return. The petite business owner and fierce Democrat said she was keeping her energy up through sheer adrenaline.

As CNN called the election for McCaskill, the entire room erupted in raucous cheers, just one of many times that evening. A Missouri Democratic Party staffer in a suit and American flag pin did a victory lap around the room through Anderson Cooper's droll pronouncement. Sterneck returned the man's enthusiasm with the double high five of an NFL linebacker. You'da thought we'd won the World Series... or were at a Bruce Springsteen concert.

boos for missouri.jpg
Leah Greenbaum
Big boos as Romney won Missouri by ten percent.
"I can't wait to start watching the news again," Sterneck said, when asked about her plans for an after-party. "It's been too stressful the last few days, so I've been tuning out. I'm going to go home and watch the news and be happy."

On the other side of the ballroom, Sharon Klein was offering to sign a boy's arm.

As her friend, Nancy Kennedy explained it, "some little kids wandered in and whispered to their grandpa 'Is that Claire McCaskill?'"

Klein is a dead ringer for the senator, so much so that she was approached multiple times last night by well-wishers and reporters.

Leah Greenbaum
McCaskill's doppleganger with friend Nancy Kennedy, left.

"I was at Rue Lafayette [a cafe in Lafayette Park] this summer and a musician who was performing there said 'looks like we have Senator Claire McCaskill with us tonight' and everyone applauded." Klein hasn't campaigned on her doppelganger's behalf, and so far everyone's turned down her offer for autographs from Susan Klein.

Kennedy, her friend, was quick to to link their support of McCaskill to Akin's infamous "legitimate rape" comment heard round the world.

"As soon as I heard that, it was over," Kennedy said, as faux McCaskill laughed. "Once you're dumb, you're done."

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