[PHOTOS] Awesome St. Louis Riverfront Photos From the Insane Kayaker Paddling from Minnesota to Florida

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Missouri Meets Mississippi.jpeg
Missouri meets Mississippi.

Approaching New Chain of Rocks Bridge.jpeg
Approaching Chain of Rocks.

Chain of Rocks castles.jpeg
Some river castles. Just kidding! They are water intake towers built in the 1890s and we have no idea how they work.

Kayak barge.jpeg
Sharing the road with a barge.

Kayak unfinished bridge.jpeg
The new Mississippi Bridge under construction.

Bridge segment.jpeg

Kayak factory.jpeg

Arch kayak.JPG

Alvarez told us he planned to stay a few days, watch the elections, and go up the Arch. He did all that and more, and sent us an email yesterday which was a huge love letter to St. Louis. We thought we would share it:

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JamesMadison topcommenter

1. Lake of the Woods, MN is not on Lake Superior. The man is starting from the northernmost point of the lower 48 states and heading to the southernmost point in Key West, FL (also no on Lake Superior for the geographical impaired RFT writers).  2. If he only reached STL in the months of June-November, he is only around the halfway point. Think with the winter and limited daylight he'll make better time from here? Think he'll zip across the Gulf? I might be thinking of sending an Easter basket to Key West. Just hope he makes better time from this point south, and has much better weather.


Hope he gets a more ocean-friendly kayak for the Gulf... The current one will take on water rather easily down there

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