[PHOTOS] Awesome St. Louis Riverfront Photos From the Insane Kayaker Paddling from Minnesota to Florida

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I got picked up at the arch by a really nice woman who has wanted to paddle the Misssissippi and emailed me about a month ago to see if she could help out with a shower or a place to stay.

Her and her landlord picked me up in his moving van and they kayak spent a couple days hanging out in her apartment in Soulard, taking up most of the living room and a bit of another room. Her, her partner, and I ended up watching the election together and cheering as the returns came in.

They also showed me a lot of St. Louis, took me to the arch (of course!) and then to the City Museum where we crawled, squeezed, and explored for hours until I was covered in bruises and so happy that a place like that exists. What a gem! When you told me to go, I thought it was a regular old museum. Such a cool place!

This morning, they dropped me off back at the riverfront near the arch. We said sad goodbyes and gave each other hugs. Now I'm floating south. So neat that two complete strangers turned into friends and I got to see just how great a city St. Louis is. I'm going to miss it!

At least it is a beautiful day today. It would have been almost impossible to summon the will to leave great folks and a great city behind in the rain.

Arch daniel alvarez.jpg
Mission accomplished!

Alvarez has about two or three more months to go. Follow his progress in photographs here and on his blog Predictably Lost.

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JamesMadison topcommenter

1. Lake of the Woods, MN is not on Lake Superior. The man is starting from the northernmost point of the lower 48 states and heading to the southernmost point in Key West, FL (also no on Lake Superior for the geographical impaired RFT writers).  2. If he only reached STL in the months of June-November, he is only around the halfway point. Think with the winter and limited daylight he'll make better time from here? Think he'll zip across the Gulf? I might be thinking of sending an Easter basket to Key West. Just hope he makes better time from this point south, and has much better weather.


Hope he gets a more ocean-friendly kayak for the Gulf... The current one will take on water rather easily down there

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