Hello There, Homophobe! Twitter Users Answer Missourians' Racist Slurs with Gay Slurs

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Basically, everyone is terrible.
Last week, we told you about a Tumblr account called "Hello There, Racist!" which is tracking racist tweets in the wake of Obama's re-election.

The website identified six Missourians who threw around the N-word pretty freely and even hinted at assassination. It was disheartening.

But, we were also curious what kind of Twitter-shaming these boys were receiving and searched their handles. Maybe this is naive, but we were shocked by how many people thought it was appropriate to answer racial slurs with homophobic slurs.

Come ON! Does anybody know how to use Twitter appropriately?

For example, @NoahPatt54 (whose account has since been deleted) tweeted some pretty vile things, according to HTR, including: "As if it were possible I hate niggers even more now" and "One of my favorite quotes of all time from my grandma before she died: 'I'm tired of that nigger stinkin up my white house.'"

Now, clearly the point of outing these boys on Tumblr is to draw attention to them and get people to tweet-shame them, but this is just a sample of the direction some folks took it in:

Alright! So much for fighting hate with love. We won't bore you too much more with this garbage, but here's just one more:

This is not to diminish any of the horrible things these racist Twitter users said or to make anyone feel sorry for them. But hate speech is hate speech. If the worst thing somebody could think to say to a racist is, "Well, you're gay," then we got problems all over town.

In conclusion, everyone is on Twitter time-out.

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Donald Creswell
Donald Creswell

a word is only offensive if you allow yourself to be offended.

Norm Manis
Norm Manis

They are equally ignorant and offensive. If you have a problem with gays and lesbians or someone not of your race, then you are the one with the problem ! Not them !

Ray Thomas
Ray Thomas

nothing is offensive if you don`t give it the power to be offensive


Whoa! Did you hit the ball out o the park with this one. It is on the money and totally worth tweeting about. Thank you for some sanity. If you have educated at least one person than you have made a powerful, positive impact.



Rick Kohn
Rick Kohn

I love how anyone who tells a gay joke or whatever is automatically labled 'homophobic' I know several gays who enjoy and tell such jokes themselves, are they afraid of or hate themselves?

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