Robbers Kill Imo's Deliveryman in Dellwood, Take Three Pizzas and Cell Phone

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Another pizza deliveryman gets iced
Last evening, St. Louis County police got a call about a man slumped over the steering wheel of his vehicle on the 1600 block of Mowbry Lane in Dellwood.

Officers arrived at 7:10 pm to find 39-year-old Brian W. Johnson of Spanish Lake, an Imo's Pizza deliveryman, already dead. He'd been shot once under his left armpit.

Stolen from his vehicle were three pizzas and his cell phone, says Randy Vaughn, spokesman for the county cops.

Johnson had been employed by the Imo's at 2162 Chambers Road at Halls Ferry Road.

Pizza delivery guys have sure had a rough go of it lately:

A Papa Johns deliveryman was forced by robbers to give up his vehicle late last September in King's Oak.

Last May, a different Imo's driver was murdered in Hillsdale.

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"Last May, a different Imo's driver was murdered in Hillsdale. "

Thanks for specifying it was a "different" Imo's driver and not the same driver that was killed a second time.


It is so sad that a Brian Johnsons  life was lost for pizza. My deepest sympathy to his family and Coworkers


Brian Johnson was a really kind guy who would never hurt anyone.  It really hurts to know that his life was ended by such violence.


dumb asses... didn't have to kill the guy to get the pizzas and the cell phone I'm sure. Now they are gonna do life for some pizzas. 

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