Accident in Midtown Turns Into Road-Ragey Gun Assault

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Accident leads to road rage leads to shots fired in Midtown.
At about 1 pm Tuesday, a 33-year-old black male got involved in a traffic accident in Midtown, near the intersection of Grand Boulevard and Forest Park Avenue.

According to the cops, he attempted to exchange insurance info with the driver of the other vehicle.

But that driver got really, really angry.

So the first man drove away, "fearing for his safety," according to the cops. He called the police as he drove away.

But then, on the highway, the man saw that the car he'd collided with was now following him, and he heard "several gun shots." The victim got the attention of officers, who managed to arrest the suspects, both described as black males, ages 18 and 19.

Guess what's happening with the investigation?

It's ongoing.

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