As Romney Vid Goes Viral, Don't Forget Missouri is Mormon Jerusalem

"The Last Day of Pompeii" by Karl Briullov
End-times: Jackson County on Wednesday?
Where will you be during the Second Coming of Christ? You might want to consider Jackson County, Mo.

In the final days of the presidential campaign, a 2007 video of Mitt Romney angrily (and somewhat hastily) explaining the end-times theology of Mormonism has become an internet sensation. In the video, shot off-air during a radio show by secret camera (damn them!) Romney is asked about the Second Coming of Christ, which some Mormons believe will happen in Missouri.

In the video, a very testy Romney argues with Jan Mickelson, the host of a popular conservative show on WHO-AM in Des Moines (the video and a couple others of Romney answering questions about the Church are at the end of this post):

Christ appears - it's throughout the Bible - Christ appears in Jerusalem, splits the Mount of Olives to stop the war that's coming in to kill all the Jews. Our church believes that. That's where the coming and glory of Christ occurs. We also believe that over the 1000 years that follows, the Millennium, he will reign from two places, that the law will come forward from one place--from Missouri--and the other will be in Jerusalem.

Now post-apocalyptic biblical literalism will make any religion look pretty kooky, but we bet you never thought Missouri might be one of God's two go-to command centers after Armageddon rolls around.

So how did Missouri become the Lord's chosen land? We did some digging at the library and humbly present some FAQs:

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Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd

I'm familiar with the Old Testament and the New Testament. Is the book of Mormon called the New New Testament or the Newest Testament? And if it's true why don't other Christian religions follow it's teachings? I guess I need some magic underwear to find out!

Robert Winkelmann
Robert Winkelmann

Seems every day Missouri gets another black eye. Add this to the list. Wish the Romney clan would head back to Mexico.


Just say no to mythology..of any flavor.

Never could understand how a secular nation such as this, ends up putting so much weight on what myths you believe in.  It doesnt matter.

And before anyone says its "moral", I think by now we have seen enough horror caused by such myths over the past few centuries.

Just so you know, Joseph Smith was one of the earliest recorded UFO abductees.


While I am happily voting for President Obama, I think this is disgusting. We live in a secular nation; everyone has the right to practice their religion. To posit that one set of post-apocalyptic beliefs is less ludicrous than another is splitting hairs. "You believe that the second coming occurs in Missouri? Pfff, more like Jerusalem."


Don't pretend that 5 minutes of reading Wikipedia gives you ammo to counter his lifelong faith/beliefs. Don't like him? Attack him on his policies.


"Members of the militia entered the shop and found ten-year-old Sardius Smith hiding under the blacksmith's bellows. William Reynolds put his musket against the boy's skull and blew off the top of his head. Reynolds later explained, "Nits will make lice, and if he had lived he would have become a Mormon."



Andrew Jenson, The Historical Record, Dec. 1888, p. 673.

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