Yet Another Pizza Guy Gets Robbed. WTF?

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Watch out, dude. You might be next.
This one happened at the Domino's Pizza on South Grand Boulevard at Arsenal Street, right near the southeastern corner of Tower Grove Park, according to the city cops.

At 9:30 pm Monday, a Domino's employee -- described as a 37-year-old white male -- was outside, behind the restaurant. A man with a handgun approached him.

The employee later described the suspect this way: a black male, roughly six feet tall with a heavy build, wearing a blue hoodie, khaki pants, black shoes, and a bandana over his face.

The suspect demanded money, so the victim handed over $15. The suspect fled the scene.

These days, pizza delivery guys better have large balls or a large gun if they want to deliver that large pepperoni in St. Louis.  

On Friday, a Domino's driver was robbed by a guy in a Spiderman mask. Police have charged someone for that crime.

Last week, an Imo's driver was murdered for a few pizzas and a cell phone.

In September, a Papa Johns deliveryman was forced by robbers to give up his vehicle late in King's Oak.

Last May, a different Imo's driver was murdered in Hillsdale.

Now, the county cops are sending undercover officers into the field as delivery drivers.

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