St. Louis Dreams Come True? Creatives Launch Crowdsourced Marketing Campaign

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Try Googling 'Rally Saint Louis.' In between recent news items about a shooting at a local fast food chain and a final campaign push from Todd Akin, you'll see that a new organization seeking to market and promote St. Louis' reputation has gained an enthusiastic following.

Rally Saint Louis held its kick-off event at Plush last night, and Mayor Francis Slay, half of all the marketing and creative professionals from across the greater metropolitan area, and some especially savory pastrami wontons were on hand to celebrate the project that has produced so much buzz this week.

Aaron Perlut and Brian Cross, partners at the PR firm Elasticity and the pair behind Rally Saint Louis, are asking residents to submit ideas that they think will improve the city--or maybe just the city's image--to a website that went live last night. On December 1 the public will be allowed to vote for their favorite projects and then, after a few more voting/judging rounds, choose to fund the ideas they like most. The winningest ideas will be put into action by Elasticity, other creative firms, and volunteers around the city.

All you have to do is stop Googling kitten gifs (for a few minutes) and submit an idea to

Leah Greenbaum
Mayor Slay spoke enthusiastically about Rally Saint Louis.
Cross explained that Rally is for anyone who feels the STL love.

"You wanna sit around and say 'you know what they [city government] should do?' Uh-uh. Get that idea on Rally St. Louis and we can make it happen," Cross said, explaining the crowdsourcing aspect of the project. "We're tired of seeing good ideas die on a pile of excuses and lack of resources. We're here to rally around your good idea."

Mayor Francis Slay told Daily RFT that he's not put off by Rally's reliance on crowdsourced funding, or by some of the rhetoric that makes city government sound financially and bureaucratically ineffective.

"This isn't just about raising money for projects," Slay said. "It's about engaging people across the city and bringing the best ideas to the forefront."

Good vibes were felt all around last night, as attendees enjoyed free booze and spoke eagerly about their upcoming submissions. We're still a little hung up on the idea Cross touted in the Post-Dispatch earlier this week: a life-size statue of Mad Men star and St. Louis native Jon Hamm in Kiener Plaza. Make it happen, guys.

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egolterman topcommenter

Thanks for your reply. im a little tired after fighting a dozen years to save kiel opera house,

i am too tired to 're-focus'. The problem here is that charlatan bureacrats, taking orders from dunderheads fror 3 decades, have regressed this city to close to a point-of-no-return.

please, young people do better than more statues.

egolterman topcommenter

There is no St. louis 'left' to Rally-in context of how far behind other cities we are. This is never  communicated. Confined to our sports and casinos downtown 'bubble' for more than 2 decades, and wasting kiel and muny about that lenght of time, St. louis abdicated claim to being considered a city. Slogans, campaigns and initiatives have not arrested the decline; 'progress or decay' 'St. loius by 2004', 'Downtown now' 'Ballpark Village and 'City to Rive'r. Perhaps the only difference here is that it is called 'grass roots'. Grass roots  until the powers 'cherry pick' the best ideas, try to implement them, and fail. Trace the history of metropolis or the St. louis Ambassadors.


Thanks for the comments. If it is helpful for you to vent, great. If you can refocus your energy for some good, that would awesome. Maybe that is not possible, I don't know. Maybe you think we should all just fold up shop and call it quits. In the face of challenges, I guess that is a path. Seems like it would be better to try something new, something different. Countless metro areas are better today because people started something. Sometime it was one person like Joe Edwards. Sometimes it was a group working together like the folks that worked hard to get us the Rams. They all made change happen. It is about people, engaging with people and building a great community. This is not about a slogan. It is about caring, it is about not giving up, ever. It is about the people that want to make a difference, for everybody. I believe people can make change happen, some may want it more vs. others, but we will all benefit in some way. I also know this, we will never find out what can be if we don't try. Trying is the fun part. It's part of the journey, a journey we should, as a people, always be on. I for one an in. cc: @rallystl 

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