Graffiti Artists Tag U.S.S. Inaugural as River Waters Recede

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Correct us if we're wrong here, but that looks like one of Rat Fag's tags. St. Louis Magazine recently ran a pseudo-profile of one of St. Louis' most ubiquitous--and evasive--taggers.
Leah Greenbaum

"Cristo EdBox" appears to be the work of another prolific artist around town, EdBox.

Leah Greenbaum

our fallen heroes.jpg
Leah Greenbaum

Check out this impressive pool of Flickr photos of St. Louis street art. Most street artists pride themselves in tagging hard-to-reach, unexpected places. Inaugural is certainly a prize.

Leah Greenbaum

The U.S.S. Inaugural sits just beyond one of St. Louis' best concrete playgrounds for street artists. The walls along Wharf St. (a continuation of the Riverfront Trail's Lenor K. Sullivan Blvd) are covered in the work of local artists, from Peat Wolleager's unmistakable eyes to stunning large-scale pieces to the amateur scribbles of toy artists. The Wharf St. flood wall, which blocks in several construction sites, is actually one of the only legal sites for graffiti in Missouri. Really, it's pretty surprising that it took artists such a long time to take to the water just a few yards away.

graff wall
Leah Greenbaum
Wharf St. flood wall.

How to find U.S.S. Inaugural:

map of inaugural actual.JPG

1. Park at one of the old warehouses along Wharf St. (or walk about a mile south of the Poplar St. Bridge)
2. At Rutger St., directly across from a red brick building, you'll see an opening into a construction site. Go in.
3. To your right (facing toward the river), you'll see a small hill, covered in weeds and field flowers. There should be a little path that will lead you to a good vantage point. The site is pretty clean, but do watch for needles, tetanus, and broken glass (i.e. wear boots).

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