Rebecca Sue Russell Gets 10 Years for Role in Horrible Child Sexual Assault Case

Rebecca Sue Russell got 10 years in prison yesterday
Remember Rebecca Sue Russell?

No, not for her ultra-eerie mugshot (see right), but rather, for allegations that she, her boyfriend and another fella sexually abused three girls - ages 5, 3 and 7 months -- while she was supposed to be babysitting them at a trailer park near O'Fallon.

Yeah. Her.

She was sentenced to ten years in prison on Thursday.

Russell, 31, has entered what's called an "Alford Plea," meaning that she hasn't admitted guilt, but has admitted that the prosecution has enough evidence to convict her.

Specifically, she pleaded to three counts of statutory sodomy relating to only two of the girls - the five-year-old and the seven-month-old.

We're going to repeat that: It was a seven-month-old.

Tee Kay Billy Joe Bunch.jpg
Billy Joe Bunch, the neighbor
The neighbor -- 26-year-old Billy Bunch Jr., -- has already admitted to statutory sodomy and got sentenced last week to 15 years in the slammer.

Russell's live-in boyfriend, 27-year-old John Thomas III, is up next to be sentenced in December. This should be the big one: He's been accused of performing acts on the older girls and raping the baby (while Rebecca Sue Russell held the baby in place).

John Scott Thomas, III, the live-in boyfriend of Rebecca Sue Russell

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All three should die.  Now.  Immediately.  Period.  The sentences that child molesters receive in this country is an abject disgrace.


And if you, Becky Hood, are really going to say this miscreant piece of human sewage is anything but a monster, perhaps you would like to join her.


What they did was heinous and horrible an the girls will be scarred for life.  But I met her in while in jail.  She is not a monster, she did horrible things. There is way more to the story than the public knows, with all cases.

I am not defending her, or her actions.  I am just saying she is not a monster. Disagree all you want, but I met her. I spent 10 days with her.   I talked to her, I ate with her, I laughed with her, and I prayed with her.  She is not a monster, even though she was convicted of horrible things. 


The sentences given to Russell and Bunch are way to lenient. They each should have gotten at least 30 yrs. And Baby Raper Thomas, III will hopefully be sentenced to LWOP! And let's all hope and pray each one of these disgusting looking animals get  sexually abused and raped again and again by their fellow inmates from the moment they enter prison til the moment they are released.


 @becky.hood Becky, I'd like to hear more about this. Could you email me at nickp at riverfronttimes dot com? Thanks! 


Oh yea, tell us another. Hitler was a monster but he was nice to his friends and Eva Braun and, he too, did horrible things. But perhaps the reason you stand up for Russell is the good sex you had with her in jail. If you believe she is anything but a monster, you need to be locked up for a loooong time!

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