Republic Man Feared FBI Would Find Child Porn on His Laptop. So He Called the Cops.

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Cops found one of these at the gentleman's house.
There are oh-so-many reasons we're relieved to not be this guy.

"This guy" hasn't been named by the News-Leader in Springfield, but they are saying that he is a man from nearby Republic, who on November 1 called the police to complain that a message from the FBI had popped up on his laptop and wouldn't disappear unless he paid $200.

(Turns out it was a computer virus.)

A dispatcher referred him to the FBI, naturally. But then the man called back, started crying and refused to divulge his name.

He said he used to have a child porn problem, hadn't looked at the stuff in a while, but feared it was still on his computer. He agreed to bring it into the station.

When he did, this is was the cops reportedly found:

images of local girls on the man's computer, as well as about 20 images of child porn and one child porn video. The computer also contained thousands of images of nude boys and girls, the document said.

Well. How nice.

When coppers got a warrant and searched the guy's home, here's what they found:

Officers also took a girl's leotard that was in its package as well as an empty package for a girl's leotard. A 2011 magazine also was seized.

Yeah. Really glad to not be this guy.

h/t News-Leader

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