John Cusack Should NOT Play Rush Limbaugh in Upcoming Biopic

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John Cusack should NOT play Rush Limbaugh in the "Rush" biopic
John Cusack's production company, New Crimes, has announced it's going to make a biographical film based on the life of conservative radio firebrand (and Cape Girardeau native) Rush Limbaugh.

Sounds like a fruitful idea, for Cusack is a died-in-the-wool loony liberal, while Rush is a paranoid reactionary gasbag. Ingredient one plus ingredient two = explosion!

But Cusack himself wants to play the role of Rush, apparently.  Big mistake. He's not right for the part, and Daily RFT has thought of someone even better.

First of all, John Cusack will always and forever be Lloyd Dobler in our mind, the loveable, kick-boxing geek from Say Anything. He had a big heart, a big soul, his own quirky code of ethics.

Meanwhile, Limbaugh -- who called a college student a "a slut" after she advocated for insurance coverage of contraceptives; who thundered against drug-abusing criminals while abusing drugs himself; and who has said he'd rather see Democratic policies fail, and citizens suffer, than have to admit he's wrong  -- isn't exactly loveable.

We'll grant you that Cusack is an actor, and thus gets paid to pretend he's humans who are wildly different from himself.

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St. Louis-born actor, John Goodman should play Rush Limbaugh
But there's an actor out there who just fits the party way better: John Goodman.

First of all, Goodman is from Missouri, like Rush.

Secondly, the make-up artists wouldn't have to do too much work, as both the radio host and the actor are prosperous-looking gentlemen.

Thirdly, Goodman is on a hot streak right now, with roles in Flight, Argo, and last year's Oscar-winning Best Picture, The Artist. He's getting lots of press right now, too (he was just the subject of New York Magazine profile, for example).

Lastly, can't you just hear Goodman doing a spot-on imitation of Rush's bloviating style? We can.

P.S. The abbreviation for "biographical picture," which is "biopic," is pronounced "BYE-oh-pick," and NOT like a derivation of the word, "biopsy." We looked it up.

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Thud, dud if John boy tries it.

Robin Gray
Robin Gray

I second Phillip Seymour Hoffman!

Dennis Fleming
Dennis Fleming

A fa-dib-a-dib, also known as a farting bulldog, would be perfect for the part.

JamesMadison topcommenter

If the bi-opic is to be fair, someone who believes in the part should portray Rush. If the purpose is nothing but a slam and a sham against the radio talk show host, then by all means pick an ultra-liberal to portray him, and it will keep millions of conservatives from wasting their money to see the film. Would liberals really pay to see a movie about Rush, even if it is a hatchet job? I doubt it.  Personally, I do not think Rush's story is much for a movie. He does monologues. How would a film portray his show without doing his show? How would showing him reading dozens of newspapers be interesting? Are they going to highlight his Tea Company? Or show him playing golf for charities? Makes a rather dull show.


Actually, I've always thought Jim Belushi would be a better choice.

Otis Ryan
Otis Ryan

What about the Pappy O'Daniel guy from "O Brother Where Art Thou"? :)

DoucheMcGee topcommenter

There is only one real way to portray Rush Limbaugh in a movie - his part must be played by an asshole.


And I don't mean someone that's an asshole, I literally mean an asshole. When he's on screen all you see if the bunghole and it opens and closes as he talks.

Davis Dunavin
Davis Dunavin

Goodman's way too likable. How about Philip Seymour Hoffman?


Dont do it John!  Dont want to have to think about you and Rush in the same thought.  The effect would be horrible.


 @marktheshark1957 An interesting alternative. I believe the voice of the actor is key for this role, and Belushi might be able to pull it off.....

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