Five Incredible Facts About Ecto Con, St. Louis' First Ghostbusters-Geek Convention

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Ecto Con is coming to STL.
"Ecto Con" -- a convention for fans of the Ghostbusters franchise -- will take place at the Holiday Inn in Sunset Hills from Friday through Sunday. Yeeepp.

It's being organized by a group called Kawa Con, which specializes in geeky gatherings; they say it's the first of its kind in St. Louis. They expect about 75-100 people.

Here are five incredible facts/tips/warnings issued by the organizers on the event website.

1) There Will Be Security

We'd like to give you a chance to show off your handiwork, so bring your favorite GB props to display in our prop room 6:30-10:00 p.m. Friday. The room will be guarded.
Really? Now we're intrigued. 
What is the black-market value of homemade ghostbusting props? Maybe you could crush it on eBay. Who knew. 

2)  Certain Geeks Need Not Apply

Ecto Con is almost exclusively about the Ghostbusters movies, cartoons, comics and video games. We will also have some programming related to '80s pop culture, prop-building and tales of the paranormal. This is not a paranormal convention. The "Ghostbusters" in attendance will be fans of a comedy movie franchise and NOT ghost hunters.

Yeah. Nobody wants those weirdos around.

3) There Might Be Weird Sexuality Happening

This is from the Q&A page:

Who are your guests this year?

We do hope to have at least one special guest. It will probably be someone related to the Ghostbusters comics.
Can I pet them?

We will have autograph signings.  You may pet them if they give you permission.
OK, that's clearly just a corny joke, and not repressed geek sexuality. Right?

4) There will be a "Louis's Swingin' Party"

Modeled after this scene, presumably.

5) What Makes Sense In Your Garage Won't Make Sense To Normal People

Here's another incredible bit from the Q&A page:

Can I pretend to be busting ghosts in the con hallways?

Be careful with that. Remember that the straights are also staying in this hotel. Don't scare them! Pretending to be Ghostbusters and posing for pictures in the halls is great, but don't point your neutrona wand at a stranger.

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Believe it or not, though, people do sell GB props on eBay, but the main reason for security in the room is so people don't accidentally break something by grabbing at it.  That happens a whole lot when you're wearing GB gear.And yyyyyyyyep, the party is based on that scene from Ghostbusters.  It will probably be a bit more fun than that since we'll have a karaoke room too, but the inspiration was basically Louis's party. 


We welcome ghost hunters, but that's not what the con's about.  There is always confusion about what the Greater St. Louis Ghostbusters do.  We're a fan club that goes around dressed as Ghostbusters for charity events and parades.  We get an email at least once a month by someone earnestly wanting us to come do an exorcism.  Really!  That's why we felt the need to clarify.

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