Teenager Shoots at Bike Cops Near Central West End, Gets Arrested

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Bike cops like these were shot at near the CWE on November 9
Michael Lamarr Taylor, an 18-year-old from the 1100 block of Aubert, has been charged with firing a gun at bicycle cops in the Fountain Park neighborhood on November 9.

According to the probable cause statement, a pair of uniformed officers were working as secondaries in the Central West End when they heard gunfire coming from a couple blocks away.

They rode their bikes to the 700 block of North Euclid Avenue, which is just north of Delmar Boulevard.

As they approached, they saw Taylor point his gun at them and fire a couple shots. He missed, and tried to run away. But they were able to "subdue" him.

Lamarr has been charged with two counts of assaulting an officer, two counts of armed criminal action and one count of resisting arrest. All are felonies.

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egolterman topcommenter

200 more police officers-100 teams in mobile units. And 200 more in February. Fund from the $25 million a year sports franchise owners and presenters/places/producers of musical entertainment on the stage. They make an obscene amount on tickets, service charges, parking and refreshments. They dont need the ticket tax revenue. The police department does.

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