Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunities: 6 Ways to Give Back This Year

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3. Holiday Dinner and Cooking with Homeless Teens
Epworth Children & Family Services has a myriad of volunteer opportunities throughout the year, for anyone interested in working with at-risk or homeless youth. But on Thanksgiving the 145-year old non-profit is looking for volunteers to cook (and maybe eat) dinner with teenagers at one of their residential centers. Call Margaret Mahan 314-918-3330 or email to discuss Thanksgiving and other opportunities.

4. A Different Kind of Food Pantry (Good for families with children)

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Operation Food Search is the largest distributor of food in the St. Louis area and they're used to accommodating the Thanksgiving-volunteer-rush. In addition to distributing food items to families across Missouri, Operation Food Search provides winter coats and personal-care items to people who cannot afford them. If you can't get away on Turkey Day, consider assembling food items, coats or "care kits" to donate later. Visit their website or call 314-726-5355 for more information.

5. Dinner with Larry Rice and His Homeless Ministry
There are plenty of soup kitchens in the St. Louis area but dinner at Reverend Larry Rice's New Life Evangelistic Center might give you the opportunity to learn more about a ministry that's often in the news. The New Life Evangelistic Center is looking for volunteers to bring specific menu items and join down on their luck congregants at their center downtown for a holiday meal. Visit Rice's website or call 314-421-3020 for more information.

6. Reading Partners Sought at Gateway 180 Shelter:

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Gateway 180, a shelter for homeless women and children, always welcomes volunteers of all stripes and varying time commitments. The shelter, which focuses on quick rehousing, is especially interested in assembling "guest readers" to regularly partner with children who are learning to read or to stop by their Midtown shelter just once for storytime. Contact Carrie Clark at or 314-231-1515 to talk about their opportunities.

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