Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones Not Amused With Radio Host's Bribe Lobbying

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Jones: The politician only concerned with "serious public policy."
Milhaven thought perhaps he could lobby Jones onto his show with free tickets to a St. Louis Rams game. During Wednesday's program, Milhaven solicited $775 in pledges from listeners  (including $5 from St. Louis Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed and $150 from car dealer Johnny Londoff Jr.) to purchase two suite tickets at a Rams game for Jones and his wife.

"The idea was that I could then 'bump into him' at the game and we could discuss business and sports, just like he told the Post-Dispatch he does when attending a sporting event with lobbyists," explains Milhaven. "Perhaps we could even do the radio segment from the game, if he's willing."

Milhaven adds that his ruse would also benefit the less-fortunate. "When his campaign reimbursed us for the tickets, we'd donate that money to a charity. It's brilliant!"

If only Jones thought so.

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