Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones Not Amused With Radio Host's Bribe Lobbying

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When Daily RFT contacted Milhaven yesterday to discuss the plot, the radio host said he'd just gotten off the phone with Jones. "He called me and started screaming about how I was belittling his office and disparaging his family. All I want to do is take him to a football game. When I asked if he and his wife would still like the tickets, he shouted 'leave my wife out of this' and suggested there'd be legal action if I kept it up."

Reached for comment, Jones admits that he doesn't see the humor in the gag.

"I'd be happy to take Milhaven to the game because I already have Rams tickets through my law office," says Jones. "Though I don't know if he and I would have an enjoyable time together."

Jones adds that he had a legitimate scheduling conflict for Milhaven's Wednesday broadcast and that the KTRS host has only approached him twice for radio interviews in his six years in office. Both times the requests have been about what Jones perceived to be negative issues. (Milhaven says he wanted to talk to Jones last October about a House resolution praising Lockheed Martin and not Boeing, which has a manufacturing plant in St. Louis.)

"I've done thousands of interviews around the state," says Jones, "and he only wants to talk about these items that have nothing to do with serious public policy?" (This from a man, mind you, who is a documented birther, is known to tweet about avenging the "left wing trolls", and was only too willing to advocate for laxer gun laws the day after a gunman killed 12 people in a Colorado cinema this past summer.)

Besides, says Jones, he doesn't need to talk to Milhaven because, as he sees it, he's already discussed the lobbying issue (and laid it to rest) in an interview Tuesday afternoon with KMOX's right-wing afternoon host, Mark Reardon.

Says Jones: "Maybe he (Milhaven) is just jealous that I was on the competition first."

Below is audio from Milhaven's show on Wednesday in which he explains how the lobbying would work.

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