Scenes From the Todd Akin Campaign Watch Party

"Republican women are not single-issue voters," said Kim Benz, their leader. "We're concerned about the economy."

"Republican women get a bad rap," adds Brandy Pedersen. "We care about everything."

"Everything male voters care about," concludes Becky Danidger.

Republican women care about the issues, but hot chicks still dig Paul Ryan.

"How to stretch a dime," says Benz.

"That's something every wife and mother needs to know how to do," Pedersen comments.

"And single women, too!" Danidger protests.

Pedersen nods. "Single women, too."


A few feet away, Bernice Larson gets slightly lachrymose when she talked about her candidate.

"I'm for Todd Akin because he's pro-life. He has the same moral system I do. He loves Jesus. I'm impressed because he does this not for fame or money but because he believes it's something God wants him to do. He wants to serve his country."

She wipes her eyes and turns back to the big screen broadcasting Fox News' national coverage.


The first speech of the night comes from Linda Becker, leader of Missouri Women Stand for Todd Akin.

"What an amazing ride this election cycle has been!" she marvels. "Ladies, I'm glad you survived the war on women."

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@justamexican @RiverfrontTimes It's a guilty pleasure to engage in Schadenfreude, but I confess I enjoyed reading that article you linked.

Matt Madden
Matt Madden

...but it doesnt matter cu he still lost!!!

Rick Rodinis
Rick Rodinis

Apparently the same women have been swimming in River Des Peres.

Robert Winkelmann
Robert Winkelmann

Leslee, I'm glad there are conservatives like you. It's reassuring to know there are some people who won't just blindly support their side and that there are limits any sensible voter has for the politicians they are asked to vote for. We need to start holding them ALL to a higher standard.

Leslee Brown
Leslee Brown

I am a female conservative and there is NO WAY I would've ever supported Todd Akin after his comments about "Legitimate" rape. The bottom line is that I, the voter, vote to elect someone on their ability to represent me, not represent their own twisted religious/over zelous view of the world. Maybe that shoudl be a wake up call to the Todd Akins of the world. You represent me, not yourself.

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