Scenes From the Todd Akin Campaign Watch Party

Yes, this must be the place.
The Doubletree Chesterfield is not the most impressive of venues. But it has an ample parking lot, liberally scattered with Akin signs. Inside, there's a depressing lack of refreshment: two tables with coffee, tea and ice water. Which immediately brings to mind reports about the Akin campaign's very sad lack of funds.

Around 8:30, a tray of chicken satay begins circulating through the crowd. A flurry of excitement!

Alas, they're cold.


The main entertainment for the night is a slideshow of the highlights of the Akin campaign. Those are not the same as those that have been chosen by Akin's opponents.

In Akin's world, it's always morning in Missouri, suffused with soft, golden light and always there's Todd, always with a hand outstretched. There's even a picture of Todd with a black person, although the black person is standing slightly behind Akin's shoulder and the two are not really interacting. (There are even handful of black Akin supporters at the party. Daily RFT counted six.)


Like many of his Republican compatriots, Akin is a fan of country music, or at least someone on his campaign staff thinks he should be. Played in the ballroom tonight: "American Soldier" by Toby Keith and "Something to Be Proud Of" by Montgomery Gentry. Both provided musical accompaniment to the slideshow. (It was a long slideshow.)

After the concession, there was no music at all, just the plaintive clinking of water glasses as the hotel staff started clearing off the banquet tables.


It's said that children and dogs have the mystical ability to discern true human goodness. There are no dogs on hand -- though Akin isn't here, either, so it would be difficult to gauge his effect on them.

There are, however, a few children.

"He's very nice," ventures a little girl with blond curls and a sparkly purple princess dress.

"I homeschooled with his family," interrupts a slightly older girl in jeans in an Akin t-shirt. "I met all of them. They're all super, super nice."

The interview comes to an abrupt halt soon after at the request of the girls' parents, who do not believe in the simple human goodness of newspaper reporters.

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Doubletree Hotel

16625 Swingley Ridge, Chesterfield, MO

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