Operation Pizza-Police Nabs Pot-Smoker with Heroin, Cash and Weaponry

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Undercover Imo's mission nabs stoner with munchies
Last night, Imo's Pizza took a phone-in order that the staff considered suspicious -- and we imagine they're a bit on edge, what with the string of pizza-delivery robberies/murders lately.

So Imo's notified the county cops, who went undercover and delivered the food to the 1400 block of Attica in Bellefontaine Neighbors. When the cops arrived at about 10:20 pm, they found a man and woman sitting inside a vehicle on the driveway. The cops found pot in the car, and arrested both individuals.

They then got permission to search the home, where they found heroin, $2,000 cash and a loaded weapon.

Colonel Tim Fitch was proud enough to tweet about it:

But let's put aside for a second what the cops found inside the house.

These people were smoking pot in a driveway -- i.e., not exactly a great strategy if they wished to ambush a pizza dude. They didn't have the loaded weapon with them, so again, that would've been poor planning, too. And according to KSDK Channel 5, they did not resist arrest.

We're not sure, as we await a call back from the county po-po, but it sure does sound like the cops accomplished nothing more than nabbing a stoner with the munchies (who might also be drug dealer; it's unclear whose stuff that was.)

Come on, guys. Is it a heinous crime to get stoned and want pizza?

Ok, fine. It IS a crime.

But it shouldn't be. Colorado knows what's up. Spring Break!!!!!!


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Moral of the story; If you're young, black and smoke weed, don't order a pizza!



That supposition is assinine and insulting Nick. They were committing a crime irregardless of the original intent of the sting or the legalities of personal use of marijuana. You wouldn't make that supposition if probable cause had a revealed a murderer with a dead body in the trunk. Furthermore it is quite obvious this wasn't just a "stoner" but rather a felon using drugs and later revealed to be in possession of an illegal firearm and more than likely engaged in the drug trade. The county cops were doing their jobs and doing them well at that. The real crime isn't that they were smoking weed, but that these criminals like most are just fucking retarded. Case closed.

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