Why Stan Kroenke Should Lose the Moustache and "Hair"

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kroenke headshot.jpg
Stan Kroenke, walking tonsorial faux pas.
Stan Kroenke, owner of the St. Louis Rams, Arsenal Gunners, Colorado Avalanche and a few other sports teams we're too lazy to mention, No. 92 on the Forbes 400 list, subject of a recent and thoroughly unilluminating Sports Illustrated profile, is 65 years old and -- if for no other reason than that he's a grown man -- is entitled to dress himself however the hell he wants.

And wear his, um, hair however he wants.

But dude would actually look kinda rad if he shaved off that 1970s cop 'stache and the -- let's face it -- small rodent perched atop his dome.

Really, if he took those two small steps, he'd actually look like a guy who can bench press 225 pounds.

See for yourself....

kroenke headshot.jpg
Stan Kroenke, channeling his inner Studly McDudemeister. Do it, Stan. Do it!

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