Woman Holds Robber at Gunpoint Until Cops Arrive (Yes, the Media Reported It)

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Not so fast, burglar!
We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Don't let gun-rights extremists tell you that the media never reports positive gun stories. Because sometimes they do.

Just last night, KSDK Channel 5 ran an interesting piece on a group of neighbors in Hawk Point (about 67 miles northwest of St. Louis) who fought back against a pair of burglars on Tuesday night.

One neighbor chased a burglar with a baseball bat, while another woman held the second burglar at gunpoint until the cops arrived.

In the end, the crooks -- both Illinois residents -- were arrested and charged with attempted burglary and possession of burglary tools.

A detective the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department told reporter Art Holliday that he was glad the neighbors made it easy for authorities to collect evidence and file charges, but added this:

We worry about people's safety when they get that involved.

Of course.

Because if you pull out your heater, the intruder could attack or grab his own, and in an instant, what might've been a simple burglary could turn into a fatal shootout.

That's why you often hear the maxim: If you're going to brandish a gun, you must be willing to use it.

Daily RFT would state it a little differently.

We don't know if that lady in Hawk Point would've pulled the trigger, had the crook had tried to run away or -- heaven forbid -- attack her.

But in the end, she pointed the gun, and he stayed put until the cops came.

So, in some cases, it doesn't really matter whether or not you have the guts to pull the trigger. What matters is whether or not the target thinks you do.

And this burglar, apparently, thought she did.

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Donald LaMacchia
Donald LaMacchia

I don't play Show & Tell, if I pull it out I use it then give a warning shot.


hell yeah. I'm an Obama-loving libtard but I am very pro-gun.  Liberals need to stop being such pussies and should learn how to use guns.  If shit gets worse and there's a civil war between the right and the left, we're gonna need to unleash deadly force.


@blazer Amen Blazer. I'm socially liberal, independent (though I frequently "caucus" with dems), and generally peace-loving but this anti-gun agenda put forward by dems and some repubs is idiotic and unconstitutional. Self-defense is a human right and the state has a right to a superiority of violence, not a monopoly. It wasn’t by mistake the 2nd amendment was put right behind the 1st and that conclusion has been reaffirmed by the DC vs. Heller decision. There are roughly 90 guns per 100 residents in this country with estimates ranging as high as almost 50% ownership among the population of which more than half own handguns or even “assault rifles”. If prohibitionists seek to curtail these rights after the re-election of Barack Obama they are quickly going to find many like myself and others that vote for them sending them packing. The 2nd amendment is just as equally important as the other amendments in the bill of rights and should be read in the same manner as the other 9…strictly as in the government SHALL MAKE NO LAW to abridge them.

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