University City Boy, Age 12, Accidentally Shoots and Kills His Buddy

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Young boy shoots his friend by accident in University City
Isn't it the NRA that likes to argue that, "Guns Don't Kill People; 12-year-olds Kill People"?

Daily RFT can't remember.

Nevertheless, gun-related tragedy struck yesterday in University City when a young boy accidentally and fatally shot his friend in the head while playing with his grandfather's gun.

The incident happened around 6 pm in the 1500 block of Westmont Place, according to media reports.

The pair had been playing around with the gun in his grandfather's unlocked bedroom.

It went off and hit his friend, who was also 12 years old. (The cops are treating this as an accident.)

The friend was transported by ambulance to Children's Hospital, but was pronounced deceased while in the emergency room.

The shooter has gone into the custody of Family Court as the investigation continues.

h/t KSDK, Post, KTVI, KMOV

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It's not the gun's fault, it's the grandfather's.  All my guns are locked up and protected from theft or accidental discharge by being unloaded, are yours?  As a gun owner you should ask yourself this important question because idiots who hate guns (and reporters...) will use preventable accidents like this as a way to show how 99% just aren't responsible enough to possess firearms.  If you want to talk about dangerous you should talk about the culture that in almost ever aspect of media consumption overwhelmingly shows blatantly irresponsible and overhyped gunplay.  My 8 year old son knows not to point a gun at another person because I've taught him well.  I wonder where this 12 year old got his idea?

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