Former Teacher and Tennis Coach Gets 12 Years for Child Porn

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Richard "Dick" Ambler of Florissant is going away for 12 years for child porn offenses
Richard "Dick" Ambler is 50 years old and (until recently) a Florissant resident. He is married and has two children. He used to coach tennis at Lutheran North High and would sometimes sub in the Parkway School District.

Also, by the time the FBI caught up with him this year, he'd managed assemble a large library of child porn, including videos such as "15yr old teach 10yr old lil bro about bdsm n fun.m4v," according to court records.

In September, Ambler pleaded guilty to receiving and transporting child pornography, court records show. 

Today, he was sentenced to more than 12 years in prison for his crimes.

You can read in the superseding indictment below to get a feel for some of the videos he chose to download. (Although, keep in mind, we're not yet sure if he pleaded to everything in there; when we get the plea agreement, we'll update this post.)

Daily RFT would feel weird even typing out these descriptions, so we won't.

But you can have a look if you feel like it.

h/t PD, KMOV
Ambler Superseding Indictment

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